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Kenora Catholic School Board

The Kenora Catholic District School Board values the idea that leadership is best when shared, and that leaders are co-learners with teachers, and teachers are co-learners with their students.

To browse specific artefacts related to building an open and collaborative school environment, click on the images below. Video comments have been provided by teachers and leaders for your perusal. The following artefacts have been generously contributed by the Kenora Catholic District School Board.

Data Highlights: St. Thomas Aquinas High School

We have a caring adult assigned to each student identified as “at-risk” (i.e., those students at risk of not graduating because they are at or below level 1 or who require the support of a Student Success teacher).

85% of students entering Grade 10 have accumulated 8 credits or more.

92% of Grade 11 students have accumulated at least 14 credits.

86% of students have completed their Community Involvement diploma requirement by the end of Grade 11.

88% of Grade 12 students have accumulated 22 credits or more.

Since 2008-09, St. Thomas Aquinas’ Grade 9 Applied Math results have remained well above the provincial average; Grade 9 Academic math results have surpassed the province average since 2007-08. St. Thomas Aquinas’ OSSLT results have increased from a pass rate of 79% in 2009 to 84% in 2011-12 and 86% in 2012-13.

Since April 2010, St. Thomas Aquinas has been consistently ahead of the province in our first-attempt OSSLT results (with a dip in April 2009, when we changed to make sure that all students were included in our testing. We have returned to our high achievement since then and maintained consistent scores).

In the Tell Them From Me¹ survey (a survey that measures student responses to a variety of questions about their experiences at school from their own perspective), results for students at St. Thomas Aquinas are above the Canadian norm in intellectual engagement, interest and motivation, positive learning climate, and a sense of belonging.

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