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Engaging and Effective Instruction

Delve Deeper – Exploring Ideas for Professional Learning

Guiding Questions

  • What strategies do you use to make instruction relevant and engaging for your learners? How do you know they make a difference?
  • How do you scaffold your instruction for learners who need to develop specific background knowledge and skills?
  • What do you need to have “in place” to differentiate instruction based on a learner’s strengths and learning needs? What professional learning would you like to access to help you with this?
  • What has actually changed in your practice as you try to meet the needs of students? Educators?
  • What has changed in your practice as a school or board leader as you support the work of teachers or learning teams who are implementing effective and differentiated instruction?

Supports for Practice

Complexity of Learning and Teaching

The “complexity of instruction” graphic describes the various components of engaging and effective instruction.

DI Resources
Paying Attention to Mathematics Education
Adolescent Literacy Guide
What Did You Do in School Today?

Research Connections

The Third Teacher

Pedagogical Documentation Revisited

Understanding the Whole Child and Youth – A Key to Learning


“With an increased emphasis on complex performance…, increasing student control of a repertoire of strategies has priority over any particular topical content.”

Wiggins, G. & McTighe, J., (2007). Schooling by Design.


Evidence-informed thinking about the current state, the ideal state, how to bridge the gap, and how to gauge progress along the way (Katz, Earl and Jaafar, 2009) or seeking feedback on impact of teaching to inform next steps (Hattie, 2012).