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High Expectations

Delve Deeper – Exploring Ideas for Professional Learning

Guiding Questions

  • What does demonstrating high expectations for students look like?
  • As a facilitator or leader, how do you demonstrate high expectations for educators?
  • What does the physical learning environment say about expectations for student learning? Educator learning?
  • What is having a positive impact on student learning in your classroom/school? On professional learning? How do you know?

Research Connections

Poverty and Schooling: Where Mindset Meets Practice

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

“Holding high expectations without providing a warm environment is merely harsh. A warm environment without high standards lacks backbone. But if you can create a combination of high standards with a warm and supportive environment it will benefit all students, not just the high achievers.”

Jussim, Lee. Teachers' Expectations. Hattie, J. & Anderson, E.M. (eds.), International Guide to Student Achievement, 2012