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Leadership and Supporting Conditions

Delve Deeper – Exploring Ideas for Professional Learning

Guiding Questions

  • What are the supports and conditions (at the classroom, school or board level) that are essential to your learning and work as a leader or teacher?
  • As a leader, how do you work with others to facilitate the conditions that support your learning and work? the learning and work of others?
  • How does one challenge beliefs to address the ‘knowing-doing’ gap?
  • A a leader, how do you work with others to foster alignment of the goals of school learning teams with those of the SIPSA and BIPSA?

Supports for Practice

To delve deeper into leadership practices, please refer to the Ontario Leadership Framework.


Facilitator Voices from the Field-Supporting Conditions:

Video 1 - Leadership

Video 2 - Leadership (Facilitators)

Research Connections

Leadership and integrative thinking

Principals as Co-learners: Supporting the Promise of Collaborative Inquiry

Ideas into Action – a series of papers focusing on the five core leadership capacities: setting goals, aligning resources with priorities, promoting collaborative learning cultures, using data, engaging in courageous conversations

“If we are to solve entrenched student achievement problems through teacher learning, it may be time to turn our focus to the skills and knowledge required for those providing the professional learning opportunities. In doing so, our focus on promoting student and teacher learning must remain the goal. Ultimately, it is within classrooms and student-teacher interactions where activities of highest leverage occur. However, if we are to improve the learning opportunities for students, then creating learning opportunities and expecting changes throughout the system needs to become a necessary and integral part of the process.”

Timperley, H and Parr, J. (2007). Closing the achievement gap through evidence-based inquiry at multiple levels of the education system, Journal of Advanced Academics, 19:1.