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Student Voice

Delve Deeper – Exploring Ideas for Professional Learning

Guiding Questions

  • How can students be included as partners in the teaching and learning process?
  • How do

    you provide opportunities for students to set personal goals, and to determine their needs, interests and learning preferences?

  • In what ways have you established a safe, collaborative classroom environment that encourages individual opinions?
  • In what ways do you support students in advocating for choice in learning opportunities?
  • What knowledge and skills do students need to advocate for their learning?

Research Connections

Student Voice - Transforming Relationships

Motivation, Engagement and Student Voice

Pupil Voice is Here to Stay!

“Motivation, engagement and student voice are [critical elements] of student-centered learning. Without motivation, there is no push to learn; without engagement there is no way to learn; and without voice, there is no authenticity in the learning. For students to create new knowledge, succeed academically, and develop into healthy adults, they require each of these experiences.”

Toshalis, E., & Nakkula, M. J. (2012).Motivation, Engagement and Student Voice, Jobs for the Future.


“Teachers should try to help students relate to academic information through their experiences, goals, and interests. Students can find personal relevance in all kinds of events in the world around them... making material authentically meaningful to each learner is crucial.”

Willis, J. (2007). Brain-Friendly Strategies for the Inclusion Classroom.